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The new building material made of recycled paper

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ECO Solar - the innovative modular home made of Ecocell®

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What is Ecocell®?

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Ecocell® is an innovative and cost-saving building system. Ecocell® panels allow the dry construction of individual properties using a modular system of building elements. It is based on the patented Ecocell® Betonwabe® concrete honeycomb whose dense structure provides superior rigidity.

The innovative Ecocell® building elements are made of the raw components:

wood, recycled paper and cement.

What makes Ecocell® so unique?

Ecocell® Betonwabe® concrete honeycomb is the world’s first insulation featuring superior static compression. Their honeycomb-structure and cement-coating make Ecocell® building panels lightweight, extraordinary stable, fire-resistant and heat-insulating.

Industrial fabrication guarantees accurate fitting as well as precise and fast construction. The modular building system also provides custom-solutions for individual needs.

Ecocell® building panels are sustainable and ecological, allowing easy disassembling und reuse.